Review: Saw – The Videogame

It seems like the horror never ends with this series.

The game starts off excellent in grabbing your attention as you awake to that creepy T.v turning on and listening to the Jigsaw killer himself tell you how messed up your life is.  Be quick to act because your wearing that reverse bear trap helmet.  You know the one I’m talking about, the one that rips your face in half like opening a bag a bag of chips way to hard.

So anyways now that we are done with the highlights of the game let me begin to be analytical.  I myself am not a fan of the Saw movies and only played the game for its very easy achievements.  The game its self only took me a very small amount of time to beat but that’s time I cannot gain back.

Saw main character detective Tapp awakens to the Jigsaw killer telling him how messed up his life is and how the obsession of catching him killed his partner.  After escaping your trap its not over. Oh no, nowhere close.  You know have to go through this asylum you are in and help everybody out of there traps and there problems.
Now this game wasn’t just all cons don’t get me wrong, they could have done much worse.  For almost all of the game you have your lighter to guide you through the dark, which added to the creepiness of the game.  If you like puzzles this game is all about puzzles.  Almost everything in this game you have to solve.  There are gas vents to circuit boards that need to be re arranged.  I’m surprised you didn’t have to re arrange your weapons to make it work.

Weapons were one of my favorite things in this game.  I think the developers were creative in this part because what you find is what you use.  You can kill your enemies with anything from a scalpel or rusty syringe to a table leg and manikin arm.  Oh the joy in bashing somebody across the head with a manikin arm.

The traps in this game are so tedious and so annoying.  My right bumper barely works because of this game (it was thrown across the room).  When you least except it, you open a door and what better is there firing in your face but a shotgun.  There are times where you will go an hour without a checkpoint and get shot in the face by one.

Environmentally you can’t complain.  Both visually and sound.  The ambiance in the game I believe is its strongest point.  No power, everything is dark, randomly you will see that pig face person run by.  Ya, it’s a little freaky, especially knowing that you have nothing to defend yourself with but a table lamp.

Final Verdict

Aside from the feeling of suspense and caution the Saw Franchise gives you this game is a rental at most.  With its tedious missions and even more annoying traps I believe that the developers could have done much more than the same mission basis over and over again.  It had a wonderful attention grabber with you fighting to save your life as soon as the game started.  The presentation of the game and surprises that it gives you may make you jump every now and then too.

Gameplay    5/10
Ambiance    7/10
Graphics    7/10
Creativity    4/10
Total        22/40

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