Review: Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is probably the most ported of the series as it has been on the N64, Playstation and the Gamecube. The game also seems to be the key game that sucked people into the series making them hardcore fans. Resident Evil 2 examines the height of the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City. We are introduced to new stars of the series such as Leon S. Kennedy (A rookie to the R.P.D.) and Claire Redfield (The sister of Chris Redfield). The game is also broken into differing scenarios between Claire and Leon each of which depend upon which character is selected in the beginning; the overall story remains the same, but the two characters do encounter different events. This addition to the series is a lot more “open” compared to that of the first Resident Evil as the audience is exposed to many more places aside from just wandering the perimeters of a large mansion; Raccoon City itself is explored as is one of the major Umbrella laboratories.


Resident Evil 2, no matter the system, always has the same quality of graphics; it is fairly average when compared to other games done for the Playstation around the same time. The Gamecube version does run a bit more smoothly than the other versions primarily for it utilizing the higher level of technology found within the Gamecube. The environments are nicely done be it the Raccoon City Police Department or the underground Umbrella labs. The FMV’s are average, but still beautifully constructed for their time.


The save room music for Resident Evil 2 is the most recognized and the most praised. The overall score for the game is indeed one of the better ones as every area has its own unique sound. The voice acting is above average for nearly all of the characters; the voice of Sherry Birkin tends to become a bit grating after a while and does border annoying. The sounds from some of the weapons are a bit sketchy and unrealistic in sound.


Resident Evil 2 follows the incidents in Raccoon City after the T-Virus outbreak from the perspective of two characters, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. By playing as either Leon or Claire, the story behind the outbreak is slowly revealed. We find out even more of the Umbrella Corporation’s true motives as well as the creation of a new virus developed by William Birkin, the G-Virus, whose potential is vast compared to that of the T-Virus. Resident Evil 2’s storyline is one of the more favored as it feels more realistic and holds true to the overall survival horror genre.


Resident Evil 2 is often regarded as a “favorite” in the series among fans. It has a decent replay value primarily due to the different scenarios between Claire and Leon. The game has spectacular character development, and the interaction between our protagonists and other characters in the game further deepens the story. The story is carefully paced and there is also an “Arranged Mode”, which makes the game rather easy for fans just starting into the series.

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