Wesker Virus

Very little is known about this virus. It was created by Dr. William Birkin for the use of Captain Albert Wesker when he faked his death in 1998. This virus increases the metabolism of a person, giving them incredible strength, speed and regenerative abilities, which is why it is believed to be a mild version of the G-virus. The test subject does not suffer from the cascade mutation effect though, meaning Birkin found a way of perfecting the replication of cells even when the body is under extreme duress. The virus also limits itself to muscle tissue and the lower organs, leaving the brain completely intact. This breakthrough means that the subject’s mind is retained and no ill effects have been noted. Unfortunately the only test-subject has violated the law with six counts of 1st degree murder, multiple counts of 2nd degree murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, approximately 150,000 counts of corporate manslaughter, violation of international law under the Biological Weapons Prohibition Pact, conspiracy to commit genocide, bribery, blackmail and various firearms offences. It is unknown if the virus is responsible for subject’s psychotic behaviour or if the subject was naturally unstable.
The virus has been exquisitely designed in the way it affects ocular tissue. The only visible effect of the virus is the way in which it affects the subject’s eyes. The only way a person could move accurately with the extreme speeds generated by the virus is by viewing the world in hundreds of frames per second, most likely in the same range as birds. In order to interact with the world with the ‘normal’ speed of a human, means viewing the world in the tens of frames per second. This means the subject can alter his vision at will, suggesting maybe even some similar properties to the T-Veronica virus.

Captain Albert Wesker

Born in 1960 Albert Wesker became a trainee researcher at the Umbrella Training Facility in 1976. By 1978 he had become a head researcher for the nearby Arkley Labs. He helped pioneer research on the T and NE-T viruses. After several years Wesker left the Arkley Labs to pursue research on the T-virus on his own. He occasionally returned to the Arkley Labs to collaborate with his colleague Dr. William Birkin. In 1996 Wesker joined the local police force and set up STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service), an all-purpose highly trained urban police unit that was created in response to the growing threats of terrorism and crime in Raccoon City. In truth these threats were trumped up by Police Chief Brian Irons who was being bribed by Umbrella. Wesker ordered this in order to assemble a team of highly skilled and heavily armed soldiers with the intent of pitting them against BOWs. When the T-virus was leaked in the Arkley Labs in July 1998 Wesker lured the STARS members there in order to gather combat data on the BOWs. After eliminating all but four STARS members Wesker confronted them in the Arkley labs with the intention of releasing the T-002 and gathering the final combat data required.
In actual fact Wesker turned out to be a triple agent. Not only had he betrayed STARS, he was also betraying Umbrella. Wesker faked his death and absconded with the combat data with the intention of selling it to the highest bidder. He set off the Arkley Labs self-destruct to cover up all traces of his actions. Utterly ruthless, it would be six months before he would be sighted again.

Mutation 1

Before confronting the surviving STARS members Wesker injected himself with Birkin’s virus. After a lot of elaborate stage play Wesker ended up being impaled by the T-002. The virus had increased his regenerative skills significantly and was able to recover from this wound despite being clinically dead for a few minutes. Using his newfound speed Wesker escaped from the Arkley Labs before the self-destruct was set off. Both Umbrella and STARS were convinced he had died in the explosion.
Six months later Wesker was spotted leading the attack on the Umbrella owned Rockfort Island. He had used the combat data as leverage and joined HCF, a rival corporation of Umbrella. Wesker’s abilities were evident in the attack. He is now capable of moving at incredible speeds and his strength easily defeats any human. But it was noted that when facing Alexia Ashford, a T-Veronica BOW, he was forced to retreat. The only visual damage to him was caused by fire, a weapon also used by Alexia. This suggests an inherent weakness to high temperatures. With the destruction of all laboratories in Raccoon City and the death of Dr. Birkin, the only sample and data of this virus lies with Captain Wesker.

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