T-Veronica Virus

This virus was created by Alexia Ashford when she combined the Progenitor virus with an ancient virus found within the genes of a Queen Ant. Direct injection causes rapid cellular mutations and a necrotic effect on the host, and also kills off any sentient behaviour. When this virus is absorbed over a cryostatic period of 15 years, the host’s body can gain immunity to the virus, and learn to co-exist with it. Some regard this diluted form of the virus a separate strain, and it is sometimes called “T-Alexia”. As T-Veronica was partially extracted from a Queen Ant, it allows the host to control the hive mind as a Queen would; however, whether this would be the case with other hosts is yet to be seen, as Alexia Ashford was the only host who co-existed with the virus and attained this quality.

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