Nemesis is one of the deadliest BOWs ever created. Part of the Tyrant Project, the NE-T virus was used in its conception at the main Umbrella Facility in Paris. The first Nemesis was created when the NE-Alpha was inserted into the spine of a T-103. This was the Nemesis T-type. The parasite stimulates the T-virus cells and catalyses the formation of new brain cells. This allows the parasite to gain control of the host’s brain. In effect a second brain is formed, with all lower brain operations including control of the major organs and motor functions. Over time the NE-Alpha parasite will take over all bodily functions. Four compatible subjects were found, but during the mutation process one of the Nemeses maintained the ability of independent thought. Whether it was the parasite that was responsible or the host was never found out as the subject tried to escape and was destroyed immediately. The remaining Nemeses were given inhibitors that would limit the NE-Alpha’s growth when it reached maturity. This new modified Nemesis was classified the Nemesis T-02.
Due to the fact that only 1 in 60,000,000 people have DNA that is compatible with the virus, Nemesis is an extremely rare BOW. It was a minor miracle that a compatible test subject was found at all. For all intents and purposes Nemesis is completely indestructible. Most conventional weapons have no effect on it and explosives only succeed in rendering it unconscious. It uses the same ‘scent’ program as the T-103s, enabling it to hunt down targets over large distances. Unlike other Tyrants, Nemesis is sentient. As it actually has a concept of what its mission is, it is able to improvise in situations. It is also able to use weaponry. In the Raccoon City incident Nemesis was issued with a modified C90-CR rocket launcher, which was used to great effect. Standing over nine feet tall, Nemesis wears the standard trench coat issued to Tyrants, which hides a mass of tentacles capable of infecting victims with the NE-T virus. The NE-T virus affects the central nervous system of the victim and can cause mild paralysis. If the victim should die, the NE-T virus contains enough T-virus cells to reanimate the victim, which increases the chances of the T-virus being spread. Unlike the T-103s, Nemesis is extremely agile, capable of jumping several storeys and outrunning any human. Its strength exceeds that of a T-103. Nemesis was killed during the Raccoon City incident by STARS member Jill Valentine. The circumstances that resulted in Nemesis’s death were extreme, and highly unlikely to be repeated. Regardless the loss of Nemesis was a huge blow to Umbrella and there is little chance of finding another compatible host.

Mutation 1

Nemesis was designed to secrete a substance that would increase its cell metabolism in order to counter any heavy attacks and recover from wounds. The downside would be more increasingly unstable mutations. After falling unconscious in a fire, Nemesis’s trench coat was burned off and its rocket launcher destroyed. The extreme pressure put on the body caused a spontaneous mutation effect seen with G-Types and Crimson Heads. Nemesis’s tentacles extended in length and the loss of the trench coat allowed greater mobility. Its attack patterns include wrapping its tentacles around its victim and throwing them against walls.


After being decapitated, losing an arm and finally being boiled in large vat of acid in the Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility, which was designed to break down industrial waste, the remnants of Nemesis crawled to the nearby body of a T-103 and ingested some of the remains. The apparent infusion caused an extremely violent mutation. Its reaction was similar to that of a G-Type with new appendages being spontaneously generated. It also suffers from the same ‘devolution’ effect with each mutation; Nemesis reverted to a quadruped form and would have no doubt broken down into an amorphous blob had the mutations continued. An interesting chemical reaction also took place. Its unstable metabolic rate will cause a conflict between the T-virus and Nemesis-T virus cells. Nemesis can use this to its advantage by projecting a highly acidic compound of T and NE-T virus cells, capable of infecting anyone who comes into contact with this substance. Its acid and tentacle attacks are less effective than its previous attack patterns, but still lethal nonetheless. It is interesting to note that Nemesis continued to pursue its mission goal of eliminating all STARS members even when near death, and when mutations should have substantially altered its brain.

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