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Zombies go moe in Undead Darlings

Undead Darlings

It’s surprising that we still find interesting ways to tell a story about the zombie apocalypse, but here we are: Undead Darlings: No Cure for Love is a moe visual novel with RPG gameplay. You wake up from a coma to find everybody has turned into zombies, but that all your female friends are conveniently still attractive and cute.

You play as Reggie, a guy that was spared from the zombie infection and reunited with his now-zombified childhood friend Pearl Moira. They set out on a quest to explore various dungeons to find a cure for the zombie strain and a way to mass-produce it. Since Reggie is a feeble, uninfected Human, Moira and her female friends take the forefront in combat during traditional turn-based combat that revolves around exploiting enemy weaknesses. At other times, you’ll find yourself clicking through dialogue with the girls and choosing your responses, which can lead to more information about each girl and a selection of different endings depending on what criteria you meet.

The game is now attempting its second Kickstarter after an unsuccessful attempt last year. The fundraiser has only just kicked off and well over $5,000 has already being raised, with $45,000 as the minimum goal. Honestly, what amazes me the most here is that this novel has voice actresses, and not even small-time ones either. Erin Fitzgerald and Xanthe Huynh are in this and the rest of the cast is pretty neat too. I am going to keep an eye on this game for that fact alone, so hopefully the gameplay and writing will be able to match that talent.


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