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Zombie Whisperer Grant Revealed for OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

the walking dead grant

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead‘s third playable “hero” has been revealed: Grant. This world weary old man may be both mentally and physically exhausted, but it’s clear he’s very capable in his world.

The trailer features Grant talking about his beloved granddaughter while sat in a car with a bottle of alcohol. His companion is a zombie strapped in the driver’s seat. The scene is actually pretty unsettling as Grant looks unphased by the decomposing ghoul inches away from him, as he talks about his granddaughter with love. His anecdote suggests he’s always been upfront about life’s struggles, even with children, recounting the time he told his granddaughter that everyone eventually dies, including himself. Character building!

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is set for for release this fall on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. If you’ve been waiting to a successor to Left 4 Dead, this just might be it. I expect we’ll meet the fourth playable character at E3. Hopefully there will be some gameplay as well.

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