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Zero Escape 3 trailer introduces us to the cast

Zero Time Dilemma

We have been waiting for the third game in the Zero Escape series for four years now. This series is kind of like an anime version of Saw as nine individuals are locked up and forced to solve puzzles as part of a macabre game of life and death.

This new trailer for Zero Time Dilemma, as the third game has come to be called in the West, introduces us to the nine, unfortunate characters that will partake in the game this time around. The 3D visuals are a first for the series and look pretty great, but I personally think the voice cast steals the show here. Miyuki Sawashiro makes an appearance as Akane, as does Higurashi veteran Daisuke Ono as Sigma.

Zero Time Dilemma is expected to release in late june of this year for the 3DS and Vita. A PC port will release at the same time in Japan, but a PC release overseas is curiously absent.

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