‘You Will Die Here Tonight’ Offers a New Perspective on the Survival-Horror Genre

You Will Die Here TonightIndie studio Spiral Bound Interactive has just announced You Will Die Here Tonight, a survival-horror title inspired by the genre’s golden age. In it, players guide six members of a military team named the ARIES Division through an open-ended mansion hunted by relentless danger in top-down pre-rendered 3D. When running is no longer an option, the game seamlessly switches to fully 3D first-person combat. It’s being described as a survival-horror game where survival is impossible.

In You Will Die Here Tonight death is a large part of the gameplay and the story. Dying repeatedly forces you to continue on as one of the surviving members of ARIES, piggybacking on your fallen comrade’s progress, and living with the consequences of their actions.

Jonathan Williams, Creative Director of Spiral Bound Interactive spoke about his inspiration for making the game, saying:

The story I always tell about the inspiration to make this game was renting the first Resident Evil as a kid but not owning a memory card for my PlayStation. I had no way of saving my progress, so I had to try and beat the game in a single sitting. I will never forget how intense that was.

I remember getting run over by boulders in the caverns section of the game or having my head sliced off by a hunter leaping in from off-screen. I have never felt this amount of tension in a survival horror game since, so I wanted to recreate my experiences and share that with others through our game.

Key Features:

  • Retro-Inspired – A unique blend of pre-rendered characters and environments alongside a mid-90s quality first-person 3D battle system offers a truly nostalgic experience while maintaining modern gameplay elements.
  • Evolving Mystery Narrative – Explore an abandoned mansion to uncover the sinister and brittle reality of an estate where nothing is what it seems and anything could take your life in a top-down perspective that seamlessly switches to pulse-pounding first-person arcade combat when running is no longer an option.
  • Six Playable Characters – Play as all six members of Aries Division, each with unique skills and motives that shape how they confront the horrors of their mission – and how far each of them will go for the greater good. Each of them is both a victim and a hero.
  • You Will Die – You can and will die, but with every death, your actions and decisions will carry forward to empower or endanger whoever remains.

While it’s obvious the game’s setting and characters take heavy inspiration from Resident Evil, its dynamic death mechanic and polygonal retro look should help the title stand on its own.

You Will Die Here Tonight is expected to release for PC on Steam later this year.

You can watch the brand-new Official Announcement trailer below.

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