You are the horror tormenting people in Afterlife Empire - Rely on Horror

You are the horror tormenting people in Afterlife Empire

Afterlife Empire

Do you happen to remember last year’s Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror? It was a horror-themed strategy game in which you controlled a territorial ghost and had to figure out how to keep your mansion free from obnoxious visitors. Afterlife Empire tries something very similar, but already seems more complex than Poltergeist ever was.

In the game, you get to craft your own mansion like a macabre Tycoon game, after which various sorts of people will begin to roam around. Using traps and your ghostly presence, you must then begin to orchestrate a plan to keep these people scared. Go too far, however, and you will be visited by investigators that seek to expose you, or the government may just bulldoze your mansion if too many people are frightened to death.

The game will launch on Steam on August 14, just over a week from now, and 74% of the game’s profits will go towards charities fighting against cancer.


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