You are not alone when facing the zombie horde in Dead Years - Rely on Horror

You are not alone when facing the zombie horde in Dead Years

We have seen a lot of studios tackle the “open-world zombie survival game” genre lately, so I won’t blame you if you’re a little tired of these kind of games at this point. Dead Years still manages to impress, however, since it doesn’t have you tackle the post-apocalyptic wasteland alone, but together with your four-legged, canine friend.

Fallout 3 and Rule of Rose kind of beat this game to it, but the idea hasn’t been done in a while, so this could still be very interesting. Besides the dog, this game also features RPG mechanics that help you evolve your style of play, crafting mechanics based on the materials you can scavenge throughout the world, and a story that offers you a degree of choice and freedom to pursue side-missions. All in all, it sounds pretty exciting and the screenshots on the Kickstarter page look pretty good, even though it’s kind of difficult to make out what character the player is controlling and the footsteps are obnoxiously loud.

ZeroByte, the 3-man studio responsible for this game, has 21 days left to raise the $60,000 CAD they need for this project, which is about $55,000 in dollars or €40,000. You can check out the video below for more information or visit the Kickstarter page if you want to learn more about how you can help this game’s development.


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