Yomawari trailer is cute and creepy

Yomawari trailer is cute and creepy


Yomawari, the upcoming Vita title by Nippon Ichi Software, gets a second trailer that shares its gameplay mechanics as well as some spooky spirits.

Staring a very young girl looking for her sister and dog over the course of multiple evenings, the haunted town that she’ll be traversing is home to many youkai from either mythological or modern memetic origins. The monsters you encounter will change from night to night and have different behaviors you will have to suss out through experimentation, observation, or fatal mistakes. Using a flashlight and some seemingly harmless tools at her disposal, she’ll be able to trick these different creatures, but as shown, some things should be avoided entirely.

The game will be out at the end of this month in Japan. No Western localization has been announced yet.

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