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Yandere Simulator developer considering name change to highlight horrific side of game


Back when it first made rounds on the internet, Yandere Simulator is a game many people mentioned to me, but which I almost immediately wrote off as yet another parody game with shoddy mechanics and little thought put into it. The kind of game you see every Youtuber play for two weeks before the next “simulator” comes out, so to speak. I now feel ashamed for doing so, since this new blog post by the creator reveals I have been doing exactly what he feared might happen.

Yandere Simulator is a game based around the yandere character archetype often found in anime and manga. Inspired by works like School Days, Higurashi, and Future Diary, a yandere is described as a character that uses excessive amounts of violence to be with a person she loves. Yuno from the aforementioned Future Diary is perhaps the best example of one, as she spends most of the story brutally murdering anyone who dares come between her and her boyfriend or threatening to do so. In the game, you are supposed to do just that and according to the video below it’s intended to play like Hitman for anime schoolgirls. You’re supposed to be stealthy, tactical, and keep several different factors in mind to plot the most effective and safe way to clear out your fellow students.

To better represent his intentions for the game, the developer intends to change the name and allows the community to vote for several options, with Lovesick: Yandere Simulator leading the poll right now by a significant margin. I am certainly more interested in the game now then I was before this announcement, so I’ll be keeping an eye on it regardless of what title it settles for.

Head over to the source below to vote.


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