XBOX 20/20: VTM: Bloodlines 2 Trailer Kicks Off the After Party

After months of waiting, we finally have a new look at Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2! While there has been a somewhat steady drip-feed of dev diaries and small updates from the team behind Bloodlines 2, we haven’t seen any new footage since E3 of last year. Today, during the XBOX 20/20 livestream, we got a whole new trailer complete with gameplay! Check it out:

YouTube video

We still don’t know much about the elusive figures shown throughout this trailer, most notably the Kindred showcased on the game’s cover art. The only Bloodlines 2 characters in this trailer we have a name for yet is Elif, the Kindred tearing up the dance floor (before tearing up Chad’s throat), and Alec Cross, the sharply dressed man in the high-rise office. The other figures we’ve seen in marketing before, but don’t know anything about yet. The cover art Kindred intrigues me, being shown dancing alongside a grisly display straight out of Hannibal. I’m also very much digging the more ethereal visuals here, it’s possible that we may hallucinate from time to time, or this is perhaps a look at how one of our new Disciplines (the technical term for powers in Bloodlines 2) works.

Overall, a great, fun trailer, showcasing the madness at the root of being a childe of Caine. It’s also worth noting that this appears to be the first official confirmation that Bloodlines 2 will be heading to next-gen as well, with the footage shown running on approximate specs of an Xbox Series X console (obviously a PS5 version will follow as well). Still no release date, sadly, but it’s most likely for the best considering that Covid-19 isn’t really showing any signs of slowing down at the moment. We’ll just have to stay tuned for more Bloodlines 2 news in the future.

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