Woah, Pyramid Head coming at ya’! Silent Hill Revelation 3D poster revealed

The official Silent Hill Revelation 3D poster has been revealed to the masses and it’s…yeah. Open Roads has decided to stress the 3D aspect of the film almost to the point of parody.

The poster shows Revelations‘ even buffer Pyramid Head pointing his sword toward the observer as if it was 3D. The official website for the movie does the exact same thing.

From the trailer to the poster, Silent Hill Revelation 3D is living up to its name a bit too much. I personally prefer when 3D is just there and not focused on. Let it give depth to a film, not become a gimmick where things need to be thrown at us. I’d prefer to see Heather have a monster slowly come toward her from afar rather than have a fake knife fly toward me.

Despite this 3D-centric promotion, I have faith in the film itself. Hopefully it will be a good watch when it arrives in theaters on October  26th (October 31st for the UK).


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