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Whispers in the Dark Ep. 8: Immaculate Obsession

In this episode we’re filled with the holiday spirit! We discussed Alan Wake: American Nightmare,  Alan Wake PC, Resident Evil screenshots and videos, HD Collections, gamer mentality, Zev’s infatuation for Whitney, and Christmas cheer.

We had a slight problem and had to start over recording, but I think those issues helped us get some more energy when we restarted. This one is a bit frantic and energetic but that might be a good thing for your entertainment. Near the end of the episode we sing you guys “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. If you want to sync us up to the music, click the video link and start it with us at 02:01:16.

Lastly, there is a contest to win a copy of Shark Night. All you have to do is email webmaster[at]relyonhorror.com with an idea for an animal horror movie. Listen to the show for more details.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Zev Levit,  Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Link Dump:

All I Want For Christmas [Start this video at 02:01:16 in the podcast to hear us sing to it]

Resident Evil Zombie

Laura’s Resident Evil collection

Whitney’s Silent Hill collection

CJ’s Deadly Premonition cover

Gyakuten Saiban (逆転裁判) (Ace Attorney) trailer

Destructoid’s feature on Whitney’s Deadly Premonition cards

Whitney’s Deadly Premonition contest

Hiroki Narimiya [Slightly NSFW]

Hiroki Narimiya in a dress, like a boss

All I Want For Christmas – Original

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Last Guardian not cancelled

Sam Lake’s Max face

Prometheus – Official Trailer

Antichrist – Trailer

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