Voxel Horror Game ‘The Padre’ Now Live On Kickstarter

Religion is one of the oldest horror tropes across pretty much any medium you look at. Even in video games, series like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, Evil Within, and many more have had religious villains or allusions to religious themes woven through their stories and gameplay. It can be a multifaceted narrative tool, used to criticize real-world institutions, or give greater context and depth to a story.

The Padre, a new horror survival game that just went live on Kickstarter, is looking to continue this time-honored horror tradition. Using a unique voxel-based graphics style, it is a 3D point and click adventure game that involves solving puzzles and surviving monsters. Story details are sparse at this point, with an ominous paragraph on the game’s page giving the only clues as to what events will unfold as players make their way through the game.

From the game’s Kickstarter page:This is a story of faith and power, fallen heroes and shattered dreams. As a demon hunter, you will be given the power to just survive or … or fulfill your darkest desires. However, the path you take is not an easy one. Engrossed in crossroads and tribulations, The Padre is an adventure full of puzzles to solve and cold guns to hold.
A tale both dark and grim- just waiting to be told…

You can check out all the details via the game’s official Kickstarter page right here, or head to the game’s official website right here. The game currently has an alpha demo that allows players to see the first moments of the game for free, and also has an additional demo exclusively for those who choose to back the project. You can take a look at the game’s trailer down below to see if it’s the kind of thing you might be into. The Padre is expected to arrive April 2018 on Windows, Mac, and various mobile platforms.

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