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Visual Novel powerhouse Manga Gamer victim of fraud


The licensing and localization company Manga Gamer, famous for bringing the When They Cry franchises to Steam alongside countless amounts of porn, has just suspended sale of all its products via their own website. Criminals have been abusing the complimentary Steam code provided with all purchases, costing the company lots of sales.

Using stolen or fraudulent credit cards, criminals have been buying games via the website and sold the complimentary Steam keys to third-party resellers that deal in digital product keys. This got so out of hand, that the company was eventually forced to stop selling their games while a fix is being worked on. Sales via coupons and the website’s point system have since gone back online, but in a statement on the site it has been revealed Manga Gamer will no longer be providing the complimentary keys. People who bought a game while the key was still advertised will still receive one.

In the end, no customer has been screwed over, but it’s a bummer that a company has been scammed simply for treating their customers well.


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