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Visage Update #17: Please Stop Asking About Updates

Visage finally has a new update, after spotty monthly updates in the last half of 2017 and radio silence since January 10th. The update is short, sweet, and to the point. The last chapter developed for the game “sucked ass”- their quote, not mine- and is being rebuilt from the ground up. The team understands that some backers are getting impatient as the two-year anniversary passes, but they’re determined to publish a product they are proud of. I’ve said before that I wish more developers would stand their ground on quality over release date promises, so I can’t fault the developers behind Visage for this choice.

I can definitely fault them for what was said next. This is the last monthly update that will be shared with backers of the project. The next update will be once the last chapter is finished or a release date is planned. If backers needed anything else to set off their ire, telling them that updates are disappearing is a likely catalyst. Kickstarter backers are not regular preorders or fans, they are investors in a project. Backers get perks, yes, but they are funding the development of a game and deserve better than repeated delays followed by a cop-out on communication. Saying thank you a hundred times does not negate the fact that money changed hands, nor that the project is severely behind schedule at this time. Opting not to type up a paragraph or two once a month is a bad look, and it affects the entire crowdfunding community. At least they dropped a new promo poster to fawn over in the update desert.

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