Vampyr’s Release Date Announced Alongside a New Trailer


The developers of Life Is Strange, DONTNOD, recently released the fourth installment of their web series documenting the development of their new game, Vampyr. The video sheds some insight into the creative process behind the game’s creation, alongside some more gameplay footage briefly showcasing some of the various supernatural entities we will encounter. At the end of the video it was announced that the game is set to release on June 5th, 2018.

For those who are unfamiliar with the premise of the game, Vampyr is an action RPG that takes place in Victorian-era London. The story follows a doctor recently turned into a vampire, Dr. Jonathan Reid. Players will have to balance their double life as a doctor tasked with curing the illness that has fallen upon the masses while satiating the need to feed. As to be expected from DONTNOD games, every major decision the player makes promises its own ramifications.

The VidDoc discusses the relationship between video games, and their players, as well as the necessity for different approaches to storytelling. Effective story-driven video games utilize every possible means of storytelling, whether it be through the environmental design and art direction, through the accompanying soundtrack that drives the emotion of each scene home, or even the implications the story can have on the gameplay itself. DONTNOD seems to be going all out to provide an excellent multifaceted experience, taking into consideration every aspect possible, ranging from the acting of each scene, or the implications the story itself can have on the evolution and progression of the player character.


DONTNOD is also seeking to use the more interactive nature to better immerse the player with the world being created. The game world is meant to shape and comfort according to the choices of the player, resulting in an almost ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of experience. DONTNOD fully realizes the storytelling ability the medium of video games offer, presenting the opportunity for the viewers to be active participants, and ultimately, be the ones who determine how the story will pan out, as opposed to a pre-established and scripted story.

Despite some of the game’s flaws, I enjoyed Life Is Strange a lot, so I was intrigued upon hearing that they would be moving from high school teenage drama to a dark, spooky game about vampires — even more upon learning that the new game would be an action RPG, instead of what was effectively an adventure game. And hey, I am always down for more dark/horror RPGs. I’m still waiting for my Parasite Eve reboot, Square... I’ll most likely pick the game up myself, and if you are interested to know more, you can check the video below.

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