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Upload to Immortality in Soul Axiom

What would happen if we could upload selected memories and our soul to a server, and experience immortality through technology? That is the question Wales Interactive asks of players in their newest game, Soul Axiom, the spiritual sequel to Master Reboot. Boasting twenty hours of gameplay with stylized graphics reminiscent of Transistor, fifty original musical tracks, forty unique locations, and multiple story endings, Soul Axiom looks every bit a blockbuster. You’d never know from the newly released launch trailer that this is an indie game, which is incredibly refreshing in a crowded indie games market. Who are you? Unravel the memories you’ve left in Elysia to find out- you have eternity, after all.

The trailer intrigues players with a sample of several different locations, a brief introduction to Elysia, and a great musical score, but not much about who you’re playing, or why you’re there. It is thorough enough to pique interest without disclosing any plot points- a smart move on the part of the developer, with the game releasing in seven days. Coverage at Destructoid, IGN, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, as well as Steam Early Access reviews, have been 100% positive, and the game has already had a slew of award nominations at TIGA, the Game Developer Awards, and Game Connection America. Check back February 29th for Rely On Horror’s review of the game to see whether we agree with the hype.

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