The Unholy Society Brings Comedic Horror To Steam Next Year

The comedic value of horror is something rarely touched upon in the gaming world. The only franchise I can really think of that takes a comedic approach to horror are the Dead Rising games, and even they have strayed from their survival horror based roots to resemble something closer to the Saints Row series in recent entries.

Indie developer Fat Dog Games has seized an opportunity to make bring some comedy to the modern horror genre with their latest title, The Unholy Society.  Taking influence from Lovecraftian myth, J-horror, classic slasher flicks, and more, The Unholy Society casts players as a priest who must do battle with a cabal of monstrosities. It also has a crisp, colorful art style that sets it apart from the waves of brown and gray-tinted first person horror games on Steam.

From The Unholy Society‘s website:

The retired exorcist will undertake a mission to save the world, which will lead to witty dialogues, funny plot twists and an interesting mix of turn-based and arcade fighting. The bitter priest will soon join the pantheon of antiheroes playing with hellfire – walking the same paths of the protagonists of the comic books Preacher and Hellblazer.

You can check out the games promising trailer down below, and visit the developer’s website right here. The Unholy Society is expected to release on Steam in Q2 2018.

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