Undermine Puts The Survival In Horror Survival, Coming Soon to Early Access

The survival genre has seemingly taken over the PC space in recent years, and with success stories like ARK: Survival Evolved continuing to make waves in the genre, it’s no mystery why developers have been keen to get in on the fad. Undermine is one of the latest survival games to hit Steam, but it’s bringing a bit of a horror twist.

Featuring roguelike elements and procedurally generated levels, Undermine is looking to shake up the survival genre by including all the tension and scares of a proper horror game, with the gameplay of a survival game. Players will be able to upgrade their stats as they make their way through a randomly generated mine in searching to solve the mystery of a terrible event that took place there. Based on some of the screenshots shown on the game’s website, players will also have to contend with a variety of enemies including ghoulish miners and vicious-looking dogs with glowing green eyes. Spooky.

Undermine is expected to enter Early Access within the next month.¬†For more information on Undermine, you can head to the game’s official website here, or you can check out the game’s Steam page right here.

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