Two new difficulty modes added to Alien: Isolation


Alien: Isolation can be quite a tough game. The Xenomorph is an extremely dangerous foe and it makes roaming the station in the game quite a challenge. But it’s a very enjoyable one! I haven’t felt this tense in a game since Resident Evil 3, with its hulking Nemmy always on your tail. Now things are set to be even harder! If you like it that way.

Two new difficulty modes have just been added to the game with today’s update in the form of “Nightmare” and “Novice.” Let’s start rough!

“Nightmare” makes the Xenomorph an even more intimidating force, even going as far as making your handy motion tracker device close to useless. Its tracking signal has been rendered unreliable in this mode. Also, for those that love to set fire to things, the flamethrower fuel runs out much faster, and it’s much more scarce.

“Novice” mode is as you would expect it to be: easier than easy. But, come on, that’s for wimps!


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