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Tulpa, A Twisted Occult Platformer


In development by a two man team and a musician in Larisa, Greece, Tulpa is a creepy platformer starring two playable characters, each with their own ways of interacting with the world. Your two characters are Ophelia and Oliver. The former interacts with the physical world while Oliver uses telekinesis to manipulate objects with his mind.

The word Tulpa translates to something created by pure thought, a “thoughtform” or “conjured thing”. Encryptique, the name of the studio, states that “Oliver is Ophelia’s tulpa. He was created by her own mind in need for support. That cause has an effect. Ophelia needs Oliver to be close, otherwise she begins to lose her sanity, ensuing an inevitable death.”

Tulpa sounds like quite an interesting game. Conjuring something straight from the mind of a person is something games haven’t toyed around too much (to my knowledge), so I’m interested to see where this goes. It is inspired by Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, American McGee’s Alice, and Limbo.

Encryptique is asking for $4,500 on their Indiegogo campaign to finish completion of Tulpa. They’re nearing $700 and have forty-five days left to go. Backers will be invited to beta test the game before release. Tulpa will release for PC, Mac, and Linux.


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