Trans-dimensional VR Adventure ‘Torn’ Revealed in New Trailer


Aspyr Games has released their worldwide reveal trailer for their upcoming project, Torn, a science fiction VR mystery game set in 1953. A renowned scientist known by the name of Dr. Lawrence Talbot was on the verge of making a breakthrough discovery shortly before his disappearance. The location of his manor, laboratory, and his work had remained a mystery. Players assume the role of video blogger, Kathrine Patterson, who accidentally stumbles upon Dr. Talbot’s residence, only to find that he is still alive — just no longer residing in this dimension.

Using one of Dr. Talbot’s gravity devices, players will be able to move and manipulate various objects, even objects as large as grand pianos, in order to solve the large array of puzzles the game promises in conjunction with the surrounding world. You can see this in greater action in the trailer below.

For the unfamiliar, Aspyr Games has published several other titles including Layers of Fear and Observer. Among the development team are several veterans of the industry: Susan O’Connor, a writer who has worked on games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock, as well as composer Garry Schyman, who has worked on Bioshock and Middle Earth: Shadow of War. It is also worth mentioning that Aspyr Games cites The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror as sources of inspiration for Torn.

Torn will release August 28th and can be purchased on Steam, PlayStation Network, and the Oculus Store. You can check out the game in greater detail on their website. Are you interested in playing Torn? Let us know in the comments below.

YouTube video

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