Tom Savini returns with ‘Redd Inc.’

Make-up effects master Tom Savini returns after 15 years of hiatus to supervise special effects in the upcoming horror movie project, Redd Inc.

Tom Savini has been known as the creator of special make-up effects in a lot of horror classics including ‘Friday the 13th’, the original ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and Creepshow. Since then he spent the last 15 years in directing and acting most recently in ‘Machete’.

From the Redd Inc. Blog:

For his work on Redd Inc., Savini selected and closely supervised Makeup Special Effects creators and artists Nick Nicolau and Paul Katte and their company Makeup Effects Group (MEG), overseeing a number of important, graphic horror elements required by the script. Their handpicked team worked tirelessly to create and apply dozens of special make-up effects on the shoot in March and April this year. Savini said, “I have worked with hundreds of artists since I started in make-up in the 1970’s. I haven’t done special effects make-up for many years, preferring to give the work I’m offered to my students. I only came out of ‘retirement’ because of the MEG guys. There’s no one better around right now and we were all so excited by the Redd Inc. script we couldn’t say no to the chance to work together on it”.

He is also reported to have a cameo appearance on the upcoming film.

You can view more info about his reveal on this project HERE.


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