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Through The Woods Creeping onto PC This October

Through the Woods

Norse horror Through The Woods will debut at Gamescom 2016, and is set to launch on Steam in October. The game brings darkness to life deep within the forests of an island off Norway. The story is a retelling of the night a mother’s son went missing in these woods. In the trailer, she speaks as though the forest had resented her every step, the trees contorting and grass resisting her footfall. As she tells it, some terrible thing had happened here long ago, imbuing the land with dark power.

Through the Woods uses darkness as a game mechanic, with the moon and a flashlight acting as the only sources of illumination. The deeper the mother travels into the woods, the more the light falls upon the remnants of Norse mythology and what seems like a long-abandoned township. Whatever purpose the forest has taken her son for, it becomes very clear that it has no good intentions.

While they chose to tell the story from the mother’s point of view, the team worked to bring the fear they felt as children to the heart of this journey. Independent developer Antagonist has woven Norse mythology and folklore into a child’s fear of the forest to create a unique psychological horror game with fresh ideas. Though the game will not release until October, Antagonist does have a free demo available on their website.

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