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This dad turned his daughter’s nightmares into a video game to help her cope


I find this incredibly adorable: a father of a young, teenage girl found out she was having nightmares and designed a game based on what she described, including the recurring monster she subbed “NOOZh”. The result is a cool 2D puzzle-platformer, but it still needs a little help to get developed further.

Interestingly, this game originates from the British Virgin Islands, which is definitely a first for us at Rely on Horror. It does make the included trailer a little difficult to understand, but the gist of the game is that you solve puzzles and search for keys to make it further and further through a randomly-generated maze. You play, naturally, as the designer’s daughter and are chased by NOOZh while trying to accomplish your goal.

There is more to it, though. The game includes a daytime section that is entirely optional and functions as a sort of menu screen. You can do things here to alter the protagonist’s mental state and affect the nature of the mazes, or go straight back to bed to get right back into the action. The game also features ARG elements, as you can find hints and parts of the world’s lore via real-life blogs and websites the developer intends to set up. That is some really ambitious stuff right there.

Sadly, the Kickstarter isn’t catching on quite yet, with less than £3,500 raised while £10,000 is needed for it to succeed. If you want to help change that, then head on over to the source linked below.


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