The Last of Us 2 announcement could be coming soon


According to an industry insider who goes by shinobi602 on NeoGAF, we could be getting a Last of Us 2 announcement sooner than we thought. The above image of unofficial concept art by The Last of Us promotional artist Marek Okon was included in shinobi602’s post, along with the words “Maybe you don’t have to wait that long.” Okon has previously stated it’s just fan art, but the image of an older Ellie is one that has continually resonated with fans hoping for a sequel.

The cryptic message from shinobi602 didn’t include an exact date for the reveal, but it would be natural to expect it at the upcoming PlayStation Experience 2016 on December 3 and 4, with The Last of Us being one of Sony’s most highly acclaimed exclusives. Although Naughty Dog has been open about a Last of Us sequel and shinobi602 is known for being a reliable source, nothing has been confirmed yet. We’ll keep you updated!


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