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The Last Door abandons crowdfunding with release of newest chapter


The newest chapter of the point & click horror series The Last Door has just released. In this second episode of season 2, we learn more about the disappearance of season 1’s protagonist while exploring the sea-side village of Wickport.

Along with the release of this new chapter, the developer “The Game Kitchen” has formally abandoned the crowdfunding model that was used to support the development of the series. According to the development blog, the staff of the Spanish studio were unable to cash their salaries, which were already low to begin with, for two months straight, leading to the decision to switch to a more traditional model. Each episode will be sold separately from now on and there will be season packs that bundle a few together. Those who donated before don’t have to worry, as they will retain all the privileges that came with their donation tiers.

While it’s a shame to hear that crowdfunding fell short here, considering just how great of a system it can be, I think we will all be happy if it means this eerie series can continue. To play the newest chapter, simply head over to the site in the source and sign up.


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