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TGS 2019: Death Stranding Gameplay, Trailer, Monster Energy

Death Stranding, the new game from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, continues to be the top contender for Uhhhh of The Year 2019 (That’s the UOTY, in case anyone wants to brand it). Since its reveal in 2016, we really haven’t gotten much in the way of gameplay. A little under 9 minutes in the previous trailer, and some small drips of it in older ones, but still — not much for a game that comes out in November. Well, I guess Kojima heard the message loud and clear and decided to make up for lost time with almost fifty minutes of gameplay, as well as a new almost eight-minute-long trailer. Jesus, friends.

I’ll uh… I’ll watch all of that when it isn’t 7:30 am, but suffice it to say fans are in their usual state of perplexed excitement with any new footage of Death Stranding. From the ability to choose between peein’ or poopin’ to being able to bathe in disgusting brown muck, the new footage really goes all-in on the “life in the post-apocalypse” thing. Not only that, but Kojima has (as per usual at this point) snagged some real-world branding licenses, this time with officially co-branded JFRey glasses (that you can actually buy) to using Monster Energy drinks to replenish stamina. The world’s ended, and Monster Energy is still around, huh? Guess that really speaks to how horribly artificial that stuff is. There’s also a hoverboard, which is pretty cool. Could really make the “wandering around the wilderness” stuff a lot more fun.

Overall, it feels very Kojima, especially post-MGS5 Kojima. Some MGS5 DNA can even still be seen in menus and the way you gear up, very clinical and list-like. That’s just scratching the surface though, there are ten shit-tons of Death Stranding gameplay here, so dive away!

We’ll keep you updated, but until then, Death Stranding releases November 8th for PlayStation 4.

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