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TGS 2015: Jack The Ripper DLC Announced for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Horror and spooky stuff really isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise. It’s not even the second or third thing. But this new DLC looks… surprisingly creepy.

Of course, we won’t be playing as Jackie Boy, but as the Assassin brother and sister duo from the main campaign, and we’ll be receiving help from the London Metropolitan Police’s Chief Inspector, Freddrick Abberline (who was head of the Ripper investigation in real life). We can’t say for sure whether this DLC will be as creepy as this new trailer makes it out to be, but damn this actually gives me chills. Ol’ Leather Apron has been something of a fascination of mine and seeing his chilling outlook from the famous letters matched with the haunting and atmospheric visuals sent shivers down my spine.

Jack The Ripper is one of the most well known – and mysterious – killers in the history of the world, partly due to the exact number of his victims being totally unknown (we only know of five for certain, but it could be more, a lot more), but also due to the fact that to this day, we still have absolutely no idea who he was. This makes for a very interesting entry in the historical sci-fi series, which has usually gone out of its way for historical accuracy. It seems like it would be hard to be historically accurate with something still unknown to this day.

I don’t know why the thought of London’s most disturbing serial killer being a part of the new game didn’t jump out at me as obvious, although maybe it’s the fact that the main game is set 20 years earlier than the Whitechapel Murderer’s spree. It is Assassin’s Creed, though; I’m sure a fair amount of time jumping should be assumed.

The DLC will be included in Syndicate‘s Season Pass when the game releases on October 23rd.


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