TGS 2010: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Trailer (English subtitles)

You might recall the epic , and lengthy, trailer from earlier that Konami released for Lords of Shadow. Problem was, that it was all in Japanese. Thankfully now, we can enjoy some English subtitles so we can comprehend what’s being said. And oh man is that trailer epic. It makes the final stretch of waiting all the more tedious. I’m just dying to get my hands on the limited edition the day of release. This trailer had that Kojima feel to it which is present in all his MGS trailers from the past, and it definitely helped set the stage, and tease events, for what’s to come. We once again get a glimpse of Dracula, this time the shot reveals a bit more of him showing us part of his armor. Armor that resembles Gabriels…hmm…We also see that the Necromancer is in, so I guess Death will be sitting it out this time. Sad face. Regardless, this game is looking absolutely amazing, visually and gameplay wise. It’s worth stating again: I cannot wait for this game! Expect my review on release week and more information as it comes.

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