Tesla-Inspired 'Close to the Sun' Released on PC; Consoles Later this Year - Rely on Horror

Tesla-Inspired ‘Close to the Sun’ Released on PC; Consoles Later this Year

Close to the Sun

What if Nikola Tesla’s discoveries led to a Rapture-esqe society on the sea? Wired Productions and Italian game developer Storm in a Teacup answers that question with their mystery-laden horror game Close to the Sun, which is available now on the Epic Games Store.

Grounded in an alternative 19th Century where famed inventor and futurist Nikola Tesla was able to fulfill his potential and change the world forever, Close to the Sun sees players step onto the Helios, a colossal vessel for scientific research, steeped in horror and mystery. As the heroine, Rose, players find themselves walking the massive area looking for their lost sister on the majestic yet mysterious ship created by Tesla. Where is Ada and what happened? Grand halls stand empty. The stench of rotting flesh lingers in the air. Silence. A single word is painted across the entrance… QUARANTINE!

Close to the Sun appears to have quite a bit in common with Bioshock, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Swapping Atlas with real-world scientific pioneer Nikola Tesla, the game’s period-piece style horror is alluring. How Close to the Sun will stand out from its inspiration is what matters. You can find out today by picking up the game for $29.99.

Close to the Sun will also release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

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