Techland kind of releases Dying Light 3D Figurine - Rely on Horror

Techland kind of releases Dying Light 3D Figurine

Techland has a special gift for gamers in the form of a Dying Light custom figurine.  The figurine is a zombie in a bikini top that is falling apart at one breast and short jean shorts. It’s free.  Well, kind of.

See, the figurine is simply the 3D blueprint of it.  To get the figurine itself, you need to have a 3D printer, and the materials to make it.  Then you get to paint it, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Are you?  You can go ahead and download it right here.
I’m not exactly sure if this is an improvement over the Dead Island zombie bikini torso bust.  I mean it’s an improvement that at least there’s a head and legs, so there’s that.


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