T.J. Rotolo spotted in homoerotic 2014 bigfoot film by Rich Evans


Although he hasn’t been Frank West for a few years now, the original voice actor T.J. Rotolo, has still been keeping busy through both stunt and acting roles. One of these jobs happens to be 2014’s Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper, a C-grade indie film with a scathing 3/10 Stars on IMDb. What normally would disappear as a blip in the actor’s career, its relevance was resurrected again this week on the popular Youtube series, Best of the Worst. Rich Evans (of Red Letter Media fame) spots him immediately while the rest of the RLM crew faze in and out of interest. Being an avid gamer himself, he recognized the actor’s voice immediately; who also coincidentally happened to dress akin to Frank West in the flick.

You can catch the moment below at 24:25 specifically. Be forewarned that while no nudity is included, the footage shown of the film features a lot of shirtless actors who would be hard to explain out of context.

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