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Swiss Police Association thinks The Darkness 2 hates the po-po, want it banned

The Swiss Christian Police Association wants to ban 2K’s The Darkness 2. Why? Because cops can be killed.

Early screenshots and gameplay videos show scenes from the game where players can kill cops as the demonic mafioso Jackie Estacado. The organization thinks that the ability to kill cops in a game about being possessed by a demon will lead to similar situations like the London riots.

“When police in England are the target of mobs running amok, it is important that police are not portrayed as the enemy.” states Felix Ceccato, president of CPV.

Yes, the London riots are absolutely terrible and unfortunate, but the blaming of videogames needs to stop. Preventing a game like The Darkness 2 to release is ridiculous. For starters, the game is not a cop-killing sim. It’s supernatural fiction. Let’s not forget that 99% of the things that can be done in the game are not possible in real life. I’d like to see someone try and summon demon tentacles to do their bidding.

If someone plays a game like The Darkness 2, or GTA and decides to try and replicate something, that’s on them. That’s their mental capacity to distinguish what’s right and wrong. Perhaps a bad upbringing should be blamed first before a videogame.

How many films are blamed a year for real violence? Games are a form of digital entertainment, and the sooner these aging activists get with the times and understand the technology around them, the better the industry will be received. The lowlifes that are looting in London are not byproducts of interactive violent media, they’re just pricks.

[Source, Via: GameInformer]

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