Survival Horror RPG Darkwood Releases August 17 on Steam

After three years of fine-tuning in Steam’s Early Access, the full version of Darkwood will be released on August 17 for PC. The top-down free-roaming RPG from indie developer Acid Wizard Studio has been looking more and more promising as time goes on. Its gameplay focuses on exploration and scavenging by day, while nighttime brings terror from which you must fight to survive. You’ll meet characters along the way, decide whether to trust them, and make decisions that impact the world you inhabit. With emphasis on survival and an atmosphere similar to 2015’s horror darling The WitchDarkwood looks to be a truly frightening experience.

It’s important to note that the final release will differ from the Early Access game and force you to start over, so if you haven’t been enjoying the game since 2014, at this point it’s probably best to wait for the full release on August 17. Here’s what the developer has to say regarding the changes:

“Thanks to Early Access, Darkwood has grown immeasurably. The time, funds and community feedback has let us mold the game into the unique experience it is today. During alpha, we have largely expanded the existing Chapter, added a new one along with a slew of new content, and reworked pretty much every mechanic. With the final release in sight, we’d like to thank you for this wonderful ride and some more patience as we add the remaining content and polish.”

In anticipation of Darkwood‘s release, the studio has showcased an impressive live-action trailer that emphasizes the game’s unsettling atmosphere.

YouTube video

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