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Survival Horror Parody ‘Garden Variety Body Horror’ Receives Launch Trailer

Garden Variety Body Horror

Jupiter Lighthouse Games recently launched Garden Variety Body Horror, a self-aware name for a self-aware sequel to a self-aware game. Garden Variety Body Horror is a pixelated parody of sorts, poking fun at PlayStation One survival horror games (you know which ones). The game even goes as far to market itself as being a rare imported game from Japan and proudly proclaims how bad the Japanese VO supposedly is.

The player will take control of Hank Maker, a moron that is supposedly good at killing monsters and punching things. Hank finds himself on a foggy island searching for his missing partner, and spooky things probably start happening then. As for gameplay, there’s everything you’d expect from a classic survival horror — combat, item management, puzzles, and thankfully even the option for tank controls is included.

If you like classic Resident Evil and are interested in a few laughs then maybe check this game out.

You can buy Garden Variety Body Horror on Steam and Check out the trailer below.

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