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Surreal Horror Game ‘0_abyssalSomewhere’ Free on

If you’re interested in indie horror games, you know that is the place to go. Not only are there plenty of unique, short, and memorable experiences available on the platform, but many of them are also either free to download, or just light on the wallet in general.

One such game that might worth your time is the newly released 0_abyssalSomewhere by developer nonoise. A surreal, atmospheric horror game taking place in a monochromatic world, the game is more of a mood piece than an outright narrative experience.

From the game’s page:

Facing other’s shades.
Strolling through an abyssal place.
The memories, pains and regrets of the old sunken realm.

The game is free to download, and the page says it is lasts a brief half hour or so. If that sounds like your particular cup of tea, you can check out the game’s page right here.

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