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Succubus Playable Prologue Demo Available Now

SUCCUBUS, the new sequel/spin-off game from the creators of 2018’s controversial horror title, Agony, has just received its first playable slice and it’s available to the public right now via Steam.

After an announcement back in late 2018, there have been relatively few updates about SUCCUBUS besides a gameplay trailer in 2019 and a few odd posts from the roleplay Twitter account for the game’s demonic protagonist, but now she’s returned with more updates than expected.

The game serves as a continuation of the Queen ending from Agony, following the vicious succubus, Vydija, on her quest to get revenge for her previous imprisonment and torture. Vydija oddly looks completely different than she did in Agony, citing some kind of body-transfer experience after her torture, but in a game world like this, who’s questioning it?

The gameplay here aims for more of a DOOM 2016 vibe, but set in the Agony universe. The results are certainly something to behold. The action is very fast-paced and complex, where as Agony featured very little combat, so it’s quite a departure.

The SUCCUBUS: Prologue demo features several playable battles as well as some exploration and story segments in between, all featuring more gratuitous nudity, gore, sex, violence, and cheesy dialogue than your average teenage boy’s sexual fantasy.

You can check out the demo for yourself and see if SUCCUBUS floats your particular boat as we wait for more details as to when the full game may be released. You can also check out Vydija’s very silly Twitter account¬†for a few laughs while you wait.

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