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Stop Zombie Mouth reminder

Don’t you just hate it when somebody gives you fruit on Halloween? Or toothbrushes? Or other “healthy” stuff you don’t want? Well I don’t, because I live in the Netherlands and we don’t even celebrate Halloween (which is even worse). Still, if you are planning on handing out something cool, but don’t want to take a hit to the wallet, then perhaps Popcap has you covered.

It was announced a while back, but consider this a reminder: Popcap is working together with the American Dental Association to promote a healthy Halloween. Stop Zombie Mouth is the name of the project and the goal is to simply encourage cheapskates to download and print a number of coupons and hand them out as “treats”. The coupons are completely free and when redeemed between October 30 and November 10, it will reward the receiver with a free copy of Popcap’s Plants vs. Zombies for PC and Mac. There is no limit on how many coupons you can print, so if you’re like me — handsome, rugged and very intelligent — , then you can also keep one for yourself.


I must say that the initiative is admirable, but also rather lacking. If three houses on the same street were to pick up the coupons, then kids visiting those houses would receive two extra coupons instead of more Curly Wurlies. More games would therefore be a solution, but then you also got the problem that kids start figuring out where the coupons come from and just get them themselves, thus cutting out the middle-man. It’s a plan worth expanding on however and at least they aren’t handing out games that you find in your cornflakes.

Check out the Official website for more information.

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