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Stazis is classic browser horror


Stazis is a free browser based indie survival horror game. As the protagonist, you are ejected from a cryo pod before the expected time and find other members of your space ship dead – some seem to have lost their minds and will attack you relentlessly. As you explore the ship, you will find bullets to fend off the maniacs but you must also be aware of your mental health, which deteriorates in the dark, and your stamina, which runs out the more you run. If your mental status depletes completely, it’s game over. Maniac crew mates can also down you in one fatal blow.

Created from the motivation of the marathon game development event GameJamGamm!, the goal of the game jam was to have developers create small games that could be played in browsers with the restriction of phobias as the theme. Having played a couple of minutes myself, Stazis has some eerie music, nice graphics for a browser game, and was a little edgy. I can’t say for sure how long the title is, what the bulk of the plot unfolds into, or if the fear factor is retained, but as a free title, trying it out can’t hurt. You can play Stazis here. I wish you luck reading it, however; it’s not in English.


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