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State of Decay: Lifeline Is About The Military Perspective

Often in zombie survival fiction, the military turn out to be power hungry assholes taking advantage of every situation they come across (generally, I’m sure there are a few good apples out there in the fiction). State of Decay developers say they are “the hammer to which every problem is a nail, blindly mowing everything down to serve some unknown goal. But this view is fairly one-sided and naïve”. With the Lifeline expansion, they are seeking to change this.

“On the State of Decay team, we have a different perspective (some of us firsthand) — the military is made up of many good men and women who stand on the line that divides safety and civilization from chaos and war. Few people have a greater opportunity to make life-altering choices than soldiers. They’ve played that role as side characters in the original State of Decay…but now we are adding a new story, in which you take on that responsibility yourself.”

In this expansion, you control Greyhound One, a small unit of military survivors during the height of the panic that still have some operational control and back-up options, but it’s clear their control is slowly slipping away. It isn’t about scavenging as much left behind goods as you can; now it’s about helping people live long enough to get to that point. It’s a flip on the scales, so that instead of starting with nothing and eventually slaying the dead with ease, you begin with plenty of power that is drained over time, forcing you to improvise on the move.

Your main goal is defending a team of scientists that are key to fighting off the outbreak, utilizing mine-fields, artillery, well-trained soldiers, and holding down a powerful base. Once the zombies are in, it’s not game over, but the fighting becomes up close and personal.

There are no details yet on specific characters, but Undead Labs will slowly release more information on the Lifeline expansion in the coming weeks.


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