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StarCraft 2 turns into a Horror game thanks to Total Conversion mod

As a childhood StarCraft fan, this is nuts.

Mods can do all sorts of neat things to games that give them a little extra life, from the minor (fun costumes, goofy weapons) to the major (new missions, new story content, etc.), but it’s a rare treat see stuff to the extent of a total conversion mod. Total conversion mods replace massive aspects of a game, from completely overhauling the visuals and models to core aspects of the original gameplay. Day Z is an example, having started as a total conversion of Arma 2, and most famously there are games like Counter Strike (a total conversion of Half-Life 1), Team Fortress (Quake) and Garry’s Mod (Half-Life 2). StarCraft as a series isn’t totally alien to total conversion mods, there’s a great one for the original SC that turns it into WarCraft 3… in case you didn’t own that too, I guess.

One mad modder has announced a simply massive overhaul to StarCraft 2‘s Legacy of the Void expansion called Dead Zone: Hope Lost, that turns the game into an entirely new, 25 chapter, survival horror experience. Pretty much the only shred of SC2‘s original game is the engine, which was used to build this game. The modder, Nightmare Doors, has a demo up you can download now, and the rest of the mod will be available until the end of the year. This thing has voice acting, stealth, zombies, original characters, and more. It’s essentially an entirely new game you’re getting for free thanks to modding. Of course, it’d probably be pretty cool to kick a few bucks to this creator’s Patreon.

As someone who’s getting a PC fairly soon, I am for sure going to be checking into it. You can check out more information on the modder’s ModDB page, and we’ll get back to you guys when more info is available. In the meantime, check out the trailer, and try the demo for yourself!


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