Someday You’ll Return Feels Like a Trip to Silent Hill

Despite always being the first to rail against people defining a new game entirely in comparisons to other titles, I can admit that sometimes it is warranted. Case in point, the trailer for Someday You’ll Return feels like watching the announcement of a new Silent Hill title. The graphics and tones look like a sequel to Downpour, the puzzles and atmosphere welcome players to a place that feels like home. The story is even familiar: a man searching a town he swore he’d never return to for his missing daughter. Someday You’ll Return samples every page in the Silent Hill playbook. While that would typically be annoying, this feels like the developer might be paying homage while managing to please Silent Hill fans.

The reveal trailer for Someday You’ll Return starts off with a bang- and an easter egg for literary fans. The main character falls from a surreal landscape while screaming “Stela!” He wouldn’t win the Streetcar Named Desire Stella! contest, but it’s not the worst effort. The world quickly rights itself, and we follow the man as he drives to a secluded path through the forest. Blood stains and strange figures mingle with the trees, and underground tunnels hide horrors better left undiscovered.

It is worth noting that developer CBE Software, based in the Czech Republic, says every in-game location is inspired by real locations open to the public. All are hikeable, and they strongly suggest players visit. I am not entirely sure you should visit creepy places that inspire horror stories on the suggestion of people who think up horror stories, but if you’re interested, they’re out there. Hopefully, they hold fewer secrets than their digital recreations. Players who prefer to keep their desolate murder scenes on-screen can expect to see Someday You’ll Return on PC, PS4, and XBox One in 2019.

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