SOMA and Amnesia May Come to Nintendo Switch

It’s that time of year again when the team gears up, buys a bunch of energy drinks, and plays games for a full weekend to raise funds for charity. We bring in special guests, talk about the development of different games, and try to finish them on current era PCs and consoles. Thomas Grip of Frictional Games joined us today for the end of SOMA to field questions from staff and fans alike. One of those seems to be huge news, making the leap to Reddit before we could get it up on the site.

When asked whether Frictional would consider porting SOMA and the Amnesia games to the Nintendo Switch, Thomas answered that they would be interested in doing so if the technology permits. To hear his full answer, check the video below starting at 4:46:20. Fans of both the Frictional games and the Switch seem to be very happy with the news, so hopefully these ports happen.

We will be continuing the stream to benefit Children’s Miracle Network hospitals via Extra Life all weekend. Click here to donate, and join us on Twitch to see the lineup of games and guests for the remainder of the stream.

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