Site open for Kojima Production titles being shown at TGS

Konami has just opened a site, in japanese but it’s worth noting, for their big games being shown off at TGS. You’ll find hubs for Meat Gear Solid Peace Walker, which will have a special event beginning on September 19 by the looks of it. Also , hubs for Metal Gear Solid Rising and of course, Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

TGS may be Konami’s biggest chance to successfully sell Lords of Shadow to the Japanese market, seeing as how this isn’t a native produced title for them. Also, a new trailer and screens might come out of this event for the title. With the game released in just a few weeks, hell, we might even get a lot of new stuff revealed, like more interior castle gameplay shown or more of the classic enemies being shown. Regardless, TGS can’t come soon enough.

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