Our Next Horror Movie Commentary is for Quarantine - and it's FREE! -

Our Next Horror Movie Commentary is for Quarantine – and it’s FREE!

As long as we’re all in self-quarantine, why not celebrate it together with a movie all about it? This month we’ll be watching Quarantine, the 2008 American remake of 2007 Spanish film REC. While it’s considered to pale in comparison to its source material, Quarantine sees a reporter and her cameraman get caught up in a lock-down event inside of an apartment complex that turns into a deadly game of survival. The original film, REC, is among my very favorite found-footage films, and I haven’t seen Quarantine since it released. It’ll be interesting to see how they shake up side by side so long after the fact. Plus, for those of you who haven’t supported us on Patreon, this episode will be absolutely free, to help pass the time behind locked doors easier.

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